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Emergency Number: 231-510-8278

Safety is priority. Learn more about propane today.

Do you think you have a propane leak?

Propane in a pure state is actually an orderless gas.  Because of this,  Mercaptan is added to propane to help depict leaks.  The smell given off is similar to rotten eggs. 

If you think that you have a leak, make sure to answer the questions below and contact your local branch

Where do you smell gas?

Determine if you smell gas inside the house around appliances or outside the house near the propane tank. 

Do you smell gas outside?

If you smell gas outside, keep people and all sources of ignition (barbecure grills, lawnmowers, cars, etc.) away from the propane tank. 

Do you smell gas inside near an appliance?

If you small gas inside, follow these steps: 

  1. Leave the house and keep everyone out until we have checked the propane system. 

  2. Extinguish all smoking materials properly, do not touch any light switches or thermostats and do not use the phone or hang up the phone. 

  3. Turn off the container service valve or the meter shutoff valve. 

  4. Read the propane gauge on the tank to determine percentage. 

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